Many Reasons of Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss:

Hair loss can take place due to many reasons; they can be internal or external factors. Some of them are specified below:

  • Stress and Depression:

Excessive physical stress and depression are linked with hair loss. It can be caused due to high levels of stress. Stress can promote white blood cells to attack hair follicles; therefore hair growth cycle does not work appropriately as blood supply is directed other way under stress and hair fall take place.

  • Hormonal Imbalances:

Hormonal changes affect women’s hair badly. Due to this fact almost two-third of women in the world suffers from hair loss. Hormonal level can fluctuate due to Pregnancy and Menopause.

  • Chronic Diseases:

Chronic diseases can be sometimes primary reason of hair fall. These diseases include Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Lupus and especially Cancer.

  • Hair Chemicals and Products:

Regular use of straighteners, hair dryers and curlers damages hair severely. Excessive exposure to multitude chemicals can be a source of hair fall. Chemicals used in hair dying, bleaching or tinting damage hair, when are overused or used incorrectly. Over-styling and excessive brushing cause hair to fall.

  • Malnutrition:

Unhealthy and unbalanced diet results hair loss. If proper amount of vitamins or other minerals are not taken regularly, the body is not able keep the follicles healthy and strong, so hair fall can takes place.

  • Medications:

Certain drugs and medicines can be a reason of hair falling. Chemotherapy drugs especially used in Cancer treatments are one of the primary reasons of hair loss. Excessive use of Birth Control Pills also causes hair to fall.

  • Genetics/Inheritance:

Hair loss can be due to Genetics or heredity in both men and women. An individual lose hair due to inheritance problem too.

  • Smoking:

Smoke of cigarette includes thousands of chemicals that affect many areas of body as well as hair. Smoke affects blood circulation, which disturbs flow of blood in your hair follicles, disrupts the normal hair growth cycle and causes hair loss.

  • Environmental Changes:

Environmental changes affect hair badly in different ways. Some of the main climate changes causing hair loss are:

  • Desert climates:

Hair loss in desert areas is very usual for both men and women.

  • Excessive Sun-Ray:

Prolonged exposure of hair in hot sun makes them fade. Hair will turn brittle and hair fall can take place.

  • Desalinated Water:

Washing hair from desalinated water makes them dry. Chlorine in desalinated water damages hair and even sometimes breaks them.

  • Silica in Air:

Silica in air causes dryness, weighs hair down and creates dandruff.

  • Air Conditioning:

Air-conditioned atmosphere is very drying. It takes away all the moistures from hair, which harms and damages hair.

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