Hair Loss. Only a male problem?

Hair fall in women is much common but not so much highlighted a problem like male hair loss.  The hair loss becomes really disappointing and depressing situation, especially if it emerges at very young age.

According to American Academy of Dermatology most people lose almost 50-100 strands of hair on daily basis, and this hair fall increases up to 200-250 strands when hair is washed.

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes through her entire course of life. These changes can sometimes be a contributing factor in hair loss. But in order to treat this problem, we first need to figure out the root cause of hair fall so that the apt treatment method can be suggested.


There are several internal and external factors that can cause hair fall and baldness. Not having proper care damage your hair. Some of the main reasons of hair falling are:

Stress and Depression
 Chronic Diseases (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Lupus)
 Hormonal Imbalances (Menopause, Pregnancy)
 Certain Medicines(Birth Control Pills)
 Hair Products (Dying, Straitening, Bleaching, Tinting)
 Vitamins and Minerals Deficiencies
 Parental Inheritance

Almost two-third of women suffers from this problem especially around the age of 20-30.


There are few ways to tackle and control baldness. Use of good hair products is very essential. Hair wash should be done properly at least twice a week. Proper nutritious diet is very important, which includes vitamin, iron and other minerals.


There are a numbers of ways that can prevent your hair from falling, which mainly includes a nutritious diet plan and gentle hair care products.

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